At Terawatt, we focus on cyber security, hardware, and sustainability, because that's what we know best.  Each member of the team brings unique expertise:

Mark Goodman and Ken Levine were early investors in NitroSecurity, and Ken served as CEO through the successful acquisition by McAfee. Before getting her MBA, Prapti Mittal trained as an engineer, and at Terawatt she brings her hardware and technology knowledge to the business world.  Both Mark and Prapti have years of experience in sustainability, from venture capital to The World Bank.  Together, Mark, Prapti and Ken form a complimentary team.


In addition to capital, we invest time and effort into our companies.  Our team meets face-to-face with every company, participates in projects and working groups, and adds value by connecting companies to customers, partners, and other investors.  We co-invest with top-tier financial and strategic investors to give young companies the resources they need to succeed. 

Most importantly, we're there for you when you need us.  In the past, Ken and Mark have recognized when their portfolio companies were facing tough times.  Rather than watching from the sidelines, they jumping in to work side-by-side with the entrepreneurs. Their support and expertise resulted in successful exits and acquisitions. 


Like the entrepreneurs we work with, Terawatt is building a company from the ground up.  We understand the growing pains, the roadblocks and the glory of the first success—and our shared experiences mean we're empathetic to your needs.  

Our incentives are also aligned with yours.  Your success means as much to us as it means to you, and that reciprocal commitment makes for a powerful partnership.


Terawatt Ventures prides itself on being as fast-paced and flexible as its entrepreneurs.  Early-stage investing is our sweet spot—through hands-on collaboration and mentorship, we help early stage companies cross the chasm to success.  Our investments range from $100k to $3m over the life of the company.